Transformation Consultancy

Transformation is a culture, a philosophy and a set of related principles and practices that can be used to enhance your whole organisation. We will help you to transform your whole organisation to be leaner and more effective to build services and products that truly meet your users needs

Why Marc Ellis

Marc Ellis is part of a group of companies & partners. We have partnered up with a UK Transformation specialist who believe in agility and in the principles of agile manifesto. Together, we don’t believe in following a single approach or methodology, we understand they each have their merits. 

We work with our clients to help them deliver whilst always learning, adapting & having fun.


What we Cover

Strategy and coaching form the core that Marc Ellis Transformation practise was founded on. We have coached board members, leadership teams, programmes, portfolio and delivery teams comprising hundreds of people.

Agile is not just about technology.  It is a culture, a philosophy and a set of related principles and practices that can be used to transform your whole organisation.  We will help you to transform your whole organisation to be leaner and more effective and to build services and products that truly meet your users’ needs.

If you are planning a new, large scale programme or change portfolio, we can lead and support you to put in place an effective, delivery approach firmly based on agile principles.  Hire us from the outset and we will help you structure and the scale your teams, avoiding common mistakes and ensuring that you deliver business value early and often.

If you are already running a large scale programme or change portfolio, we will work with you to expose blockers and opportunities and transform your governance, culture and working practices to get the realize the true benefits of agile and optimize delivery for your business.

Our popular maturity reviews service for in-flight programmes and projects assesses your agile or digital maturity in terms of working practices, governance and culture against industry best practice and culminates in a series of prioritized actions that you may choose to implement either on your own or with our ongoing support.

We provide whole teams of experts to build digital services with and for you.  From inception of a new project or programme through to prototyping, building and delivering a digital service into live, we can provide all of the roles you need from programme and delivery management, through user experience and analysis and into the technical and development roles.

We can also provide a tailored mix of experts to blend with your in-house teams, filling gaps you may have internally.  The people we provide will all be experts and will expect and want to share their knowledge with, and upskill, your in-house staff in the course of their day-to-day delivery.

We provide our clients with experts who not only do a great job every day, but who pass on their experience and knowledge. We only ever do ‘junior’ if a client asks us to.

Our Consultants will typically have over 10 years of experience, and is hand selected by other experts to join us.

The majority of people with the level of experience that we demand are freelancers. We have therefore built the consultancy specifically for this community.

Our people all help us manage and grow the business. We find work for each other, and support each other

Agile Coaches

An agile coach helps teams or individuals adopt and improve agile methods and practice.

They will:

  • be responsible for the strategic application of agile methods within the organisation

  • guiding senior management to ensure successful delivery

  • help people rethink and change the way they go about service development and true digital transformation

  • mentoring and coaching teams and individuals to improve performance and efficiency

Programme managers

Your programme management will be managing several related projects, often with the intention of improving performance.

They will:

  • will manage a programme or portfolio of multiple projects to deliver business transformation

  • manage stakeholder relationships and expectations

  • ensure delivery within the programmes time, quality and budget parameters

  • protect the team to drive forward the programme aims

Delivery Managers

Your delivery manager or scrum master is responsible for:

setting up the agile environment your team needs to build and iterate a user-centred service

  • removing obstacles or blockers to progress

  • helping your service team become better at autonomously organising their own work

User Researchers

Your user researcher will help you to understand your users. So your team design the right service in the right way to meet your user needs.

They will:

  • plan a programme of research for your service

  • design, conduct and analyse user research using a range of techniques

  • develop a clear understanding of and empathy for your users

  • provide guidance on design based on their understanding of your users’ needs and behaviour

  • develop a suite of user needs to guide the service development at all stages

User experience designers

our user experience designer cares about how your service is laid out. They are in charge of designing each screen or page to visually communicate the path for a user to follow.

They will:

  • carry out design analysis to understand user and business requirements

  • analyse user journeys through the end to end service

  • create a cohesive visual style guide

  • ensure a consistent design language is applied across the product

Content designers

Your content designer is responsible for the content in your service.

They will:

  • develop content plans and strategies based on user needs

  • write for your audience – wiring clear and simple content in plain English

  • review content to make sure it’s accurate, relevant and written in line with house style

  • identify opportunities to improve content based on research and evidence

  • communicate the principles of good content design, explaining the benefits

  • work for the users of your service by challenging requests that don’t support their needs


You need developers on your team to:

  • build software with a focus on what users need from your service and how they’ll use it

  • write, adapt, maintain and support code

  • continually improve the service with new tools and techniques

  • solve technical problems

Dev Ops specialists

Web operations engineers are sometimes called systems administrators, operations engineers or site reliability engineers. They will help your service team by:

  • running your production systems

  • helping the development team build software that’s easy to use

  • working with developers to optimise existing applications and design new ones

  • encouraging everyone (developers, delivery managers, product managers) to think about how new applications will be run and maintained


The quality of any digital service is the responsibility of the entire team, but, testers bring specialist skills to make sure a service is thoroughly tested. They:

  • drives quality assurance and ensures team put quality first

  • work closely with developers to develop and implement test strategy

  • ensuring automation testing is in place, and carried out to the right extent and at the right levels

  • carries out exploratory, functional and non-functional testing