In-house Recruitment

Marc Ellis In-house recruitment is an excellent and the only set up in the Middle East which assists  innovative businesses to elevate their talent acquisition strategy.

It has always been the most important part of any business, regardless of the size or stage the business is at, understanding how to attract quality candidates is always a challenge, and this is where we can assist.

The classic contingency model of recruitment has worked for many years, but with the change in the market and increase in competition, has pushed away the quality of the talent. The engagement of a staffing company for a longer periods usually provides much better results

Having a flexible talent solution such as our In-House team has a wide range of benefits in comparison to hiring a permanent in-house team. Due to the advantage of economies of scale, clients find that our cost is fairly similar to having their own internal team, but incredibly flexible to expand and contract as needed, whilst giving the access to a wider pool of talent.

To prove this, we bench marked and compared our In-house performance against a number of high performing internal talent teams, Our In-house solution was shown to reduce cost, time to hire and improve retention.

We are able to hire across the full spectrum of talent that a startup or existing business may needs. We have hiring specialists within technology, marketing, sales, operations, product, customer services, design and finance, able to support your business as and when needed

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The agency model can sometimes drive poor behavior from recruitment agencies, damaging the reputation of agencies

When there’s a focus on hitting KPIs, holiday targets and bringing in big commission cheques – there’s less of an emphasis on headhunting the best people.

We charge an all-inclusive monthly retainer with no additional fees upon placement.

Unlike our traditional recruitment service, our in-house talent team work as an extended part of the clients growing business, integrating with existing teams and learning the clients culture.

Working closely with the client onsite ensures we really understand the kind of people who will thrive in the company, allowing them to find and retain the very best people

We focus our people on the only thing that matters: client happiness. 

We work very hard to ensure the best talent is sourced, and hired with our clients.

We utilize our existing database and team expertise within different sectors to provide the client with a quick and  quality filled service