Blockchain Consultancy

Marc Ellis Blockchain department delivers enterprise-grade blockchain solutions, consultancy, custom blockchain development services and manpower services. Our blockchain experts will help you bring a high level of security and mobility to your enterprise by integrating the latest distributed ledger technologies, identity solutions, and smart contracts.

Some of our solutions include:

  • Blockchain Technology Consulting
  • Public & Private Blockchains development
  • Distributed Applications
  • Smart Contract Development & Audit
  • AML/KYC Compliance
  • Cryptocurrencies, wallets & exchanges
  • Distributed e-commerce solutions


Our Services

Blockchains are disrupting everything. Your business/ service may be in a critical situation and you may need to check how blockchain may change your business. Our research team can study your business and report you about the blockchain possibilities in it.

If you are planning to do some projects in the blockchain, you are at the right place.We are the blockchain development company With vibrant research and development experts. We can develop your concept in blockchain and deliver it to you on a turnkey basis.

If you are are looking for specialists in blockchain to assist in design or implementation of blockchain systems, we are able to headhunt the very best to join your team from across the globe. We have technical and functional consultants on permanent hiring and outsource basis.