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Recruitment & Outsourcing Services 

Our teams of recruitment & outsourcing specialists will help you build teams using the latest technology and innovation in the recruitment industry. We are experts in both traditional and digital technology sectors.

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Transformation Consultancy 

Transformation is a culture, a philosophy and a set of related principles and practices that can be used to enhance your whole organisation. We will help you to transform your whole organisation to be leaner and more effective, and build services and products that truly meet your users’ needs.

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Blockchain Consultancy 


Marc Ellis Blockchain department delivers enterprise-grade blockchain solutions, consultancy, custom blockchain development services and manpower services. Our blockchain experts will help you bring a high level of security and mobility to your enterprise by integrating the latest distributed ledger technologies, identity solutions, and smart contracts.

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Managed Services Solutions

Our vast range of Managed services are packaged into areas that suit your needs best; service, network, and infrastructure management. Beyond this, Marc Ellis can also offer services including telephony, active directory desktop management and database administration. Whatever your organisation needs to unlock the value of it IT, we can manage.

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In-house Recruitment


Having a flexible talent solution such as our In-House team has a wide range of benefits in comparison to hiring a permanent in-house team. Due to the advantage of economies of scale, clients find that our cost is fairly similar to having their own internal team, but incredibly flexible to expand and contract as needed, whilst giving the access to a wider pool of talent.

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Payment Solutions


Petroleum is used in manufacturing a wide variety of materials, and it is estimated that in total, the world consumes about 90 million barrels each day.

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